Wed. Sep 20th, 2023

Laying a bet also allows the punter to make an offer with enhanced levels of flexibility. At times, you may feel that it is very complicated to find one who has won the bet but keeping a track of the one who has lost the bet is quite easy. The Betting exchange not only allows you to lay a selection but will allow you to opt for the price you wish to win along with the amount you are ready to put on stake. As a general rule of thumb, the shorter is the laying price, the lesser the risk you will encounter on your staked 안전놀이터 money. The detailed description on how one can lay a bet in betting exchange can be available on my e-book ‘Bookie Bonus Buster’. Once you will read this e-book, you will be well conversant with the step-by-step procedure of laying a bet along with the associated benefits of laying a bet.

Let’s explain the concept of laying a bet in betting exchange with the help of an example. The foremost necessity for laying a bet is to have enough credit that you have to disburse in case you win the bet. Say for instance, you wish to lay the horse at 10-1 but your account contains just £200. In that particular case, you are highly liable to place bets only up to a specific price range. In this case, the utmost amount you can put on stake is around £20.

Moreover, it also implies the fact that if a punter is laying odds on half-shot, within the half attempt, then he is equally liable to acquire £400, placed on the bet at half-shot and that too with exactly the same £200. As an outcome of this betting exchange, if the horse on which the bet is placed wins the bet, then you are sure to lose your £200. However, if the horse loses then you are liable to win an approximate amount of £400.

As compared to traditional bookmaker and totalization system, betting exchanges usually offer you with more sophisticated laying options that is; what to place on bet so that at any cost the selection does not occur. This is all about the basic info for laying a bet in a betting exchange


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